Outdoor Living will NEVER be the same....

As people have expanded their living space to include the outdoors the home furnishings market has responded with greatness!  In the past few years we have seen a huge selection of outdoor furniture and beautiful fabrics, worthy to use inside as well.

As the photos will show High Point Market showcased beautiful outdoor pillows with All-Weather embellishments and fade resistant fabrics.  If it didn't say "outdoor" on the signage, you would NEVER know!

Navy is a HOT trend seen throughout High Point!

The shimmer of silver and gold will make your
outdoor living feel as luxurious as indoors.

Cayenne with Cream and Navy with Lime Green,
note the beautiful All-Weather metal accents.

Do you love your traditional colors?  Update them with these great 
new transitional pillows, indoor or out!

Look at the details in the trim and fringe!  
Yes, it's outdoor!

Create a fun youthful look with a pop of pink!  Honey won't mind,
he'll be tending to the grill.

 I absolutely LOVE this combination, see several
times at market.  All you need is Nautical Yellow
umbrellas - Hello Laguna Beach!

 Another HOT color combination!

These whimsical garden ottomans would look fantastic 
as an accent piece to really make your patio POP!