Made in America.....Made by Hand!

I had a wonderful opportunity to attend a chair building demonstration at Kravet in the Dallas Design Center.   Susan, VP of Kravet Sales, shared facts about their brand while Steve (Master Upholsterer) diligently completed a beautiful hand upholstered chair before our very eyes!

Have you every wondered WHY there is such a difference in pricing between brands?  This blog will show you why a high end brand, such as Kravet makes such a difference in the end product.

The chair arrived as a skeleton!  The frame and minimal upholstery work prefabricated for the sake of time.

Have you ever heard the term "Eight way hand tied"?  This means that the springs within the seat are hand tied in eight different directions to the frame so they do not shift when sat upon.  This helps to retain the shape and comfort level of your seat.

All their joins are like a fine tuned puzzle to add strength to the frame.

Once the base fabric covers the springs Steve begins adding the batting and foam.

After the right amount of "plush" are added Steve beings to attach the Kravet fabric.

Have you ever noticed the side of a sofa or chair feeling hollow?  Kravet uses extensive batting and foam to ensure that the side and back of the chair are just as plush as the seat you sit on.

Here he adds a pre-formed multilayer arm cushion.

Now applying the fabric to the arm with precision.  All edges are pulled taunt for perfect placement.

The finish out is absolutely beautiful, just look at those corners!

The same process begins for the back, adding batting and foam cushion.

Now Steve adds the fabric, again pulling taunt with precision.

The chair is really taking shape.

As Susan explains the construction on the back, Steve is finishing all the details on the front.

Same process, different side.  The base fabric was added, then the batting and foam and now he is ensuring the fabric lays properly and is strait before the final installation piece.

A tack strip is used to close the back of the chair.  Everything has lead to this final step.

Here's a close up of how the tack strip allows for a perfect seal on the back of the chair.

A trim cord carefully stapled to the base of the chair and he is done!

Susan, Jana (Kravet Rep.) and I.  Kravet offers a huge line of free fabrics on their furniture frames.  This allows you to have a high end, custom piece for a very reasonable price.