Reclaimed but not always repurposed

We are all trying to do our part to be more "green".  Here are a few examples of how wonderfully that works in design.

This vendor uses all reclaimed items and puts them together in unique ways.  
Talk about conversation starter!

Mason jars could only look better containing ice cold sweet tea!  
This would look great under a gazebo in the back yard.  Only a few of them actually have bulbs inside, the rest are simply reflecting the light.

Before kids, I spent all my time at the antique shops around Houston.  I love that every piece has a history and there were bargains everywhere.  Now with companies like Pottery Barn replicating antique pieces as well as scouring the world to scoop up every real one they find it is more difficult for us to find those bargains while enjoying the hunt.

You can buy book boxes that are very pretty for $20 to $40 each, or you can find real books that are just a few dollars each.  They are getting harder to find due to the high demand.

 I have a few antique pulleys in my house.  One we use in the attic to heave our 12' Christmas tree back into the attic (no I am not kidding) and the other one will be used to hang a camping lantern from my son's ceiling when he is old enough to know not to hang from it!

You have probably seen these used as displays at some of the higher end retail stores.  They can also be used in a home office to represent world traveler or guest room to add some dimension to the top of armoire.

I have an obsession with old storage solutions, can you just image how many 
craft items you could fit in a small area with this unit!

They just don't make trophy's like they used to!

Happy Hunting,