Granite...the real "Rock Star"

Have you ever really thought about where granite comes from?  Our ids meeting for July was held at Arizona Tile's new showroom in Dallas.  John presented an educational seminar on how many of the tile's and stones we love to use in design are harvested, cut and transported from countries like Brazil, Spain, India, Germany and Italy.

Did you know that granite is formed from magma that is between 2-1/2 to 544 million years old!
Traditional granite is magma that cools slowly far below the earth's surface?
Depending on the area of the world, granite quarry's produce some of the most common as well as the rarest of granite slabs.  Here are a few examples of beautiful granite slabs from around the world that Arizona Tile carries.  These are not your typical Home Depot finds, although they carry those as well.

Arizona Tile carries a custom glass tile program as shown below.  Clients can pick the tiles they want and a computer image will show you exactly how it will look in a random pattern.  You can do it from your own home computer and try out different options!

In addition to the plethora of typical tile, they also have both a standard medallion program (shown below) as well as a custom medallion program with coordinating tiles to make the process flawless.  These can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications, several sizes are available up 8' in diameter.

They have a great sample when we find the finishes for your space, samples are available on site to take home and view in your space.

Arizona Tile slab warehouse.

Arizona tile has a great showroom and work room for clients so if you are thinking about making a change in your bathroom(s) or kitchen let's spend some time together finding the perfect combination for your project.