Are your windows BARE?

Every room needs color, a can a paint will do wonders but the finishing touch to any 
room is adding color and texture with custom drapes. 
Don't leave your windows bare!

Drapery will make one of the biggest impacts on a room.  Many homeowners feel that custom drapes are just too expensive so they don't explore the process.  I had the opportunity to visit a drapery workroom recently and I would like you to see it for yourself.

KemTex is a local commercial drapery workroom that also caters to designers.  They fabricate projects a grand as hospital textiles and stage curtains to something as simple as throw pillows.  This showroom has hundreds of fabric choices or you can bring your own.  They can fabricate just what you are wanting, typically in two weeks.  I am alongside fellow designers Linda Boylan and Kathi Prior.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of fabric choices.  These fabrics retail from $25 per yard to $200 per yard.  Just to give you an idea...for a standard 108" drape (single panel) you need three yards of fabric plus three yards of lining. Based on the fabric you choose you can add beautiful depth and dimension to your room within any budget.  In addition to the yardage there will be a very reasonable labor charge to fabricate custom drapes.

This is there actual workroom where the magic takes place. 

Designers Christine Gee, Traci Connell, Stephanie Kratz (KemTex Designer Rep), Kathi Prior, Dot Greenlee, Michele Allen and Linda Boylan.

If you have been considering adding drapes to a room, don't buy them off the rack!  Consider custom drapes for the perfect look to tie your entire space together.