Are you feeling BLUE ???

The most dominate color at High Point market was deep indigo blue, but any blue will do. Such a fresh take on the blues of the past by pairing it with bright orange, emerald green and of course a crisp white! How blue are you?

 No your eyes are not deceiving you, that is blue dyed exotic hide with denim!

 I  LOVE...LOVE...LOVE the vibrant yellow 
with the deep indigo blues!

Classic navy and white, always a timeless combination.

Updated with a neutral pallet for a fresh take on the classic, just a hint of blue will do!

The blue glass lamps would look good in front of any background, but those who know me ... know I have a passion for blue and orange!

So, here's my office...the clean part that can be photographed!

I think this print is going to make it onto an order sheet soon... It's perfect!

The emerald hues with blue are a breath of fresh air in a room!


 This gorgeous piece was hand painted on the reverse side of the glass.  This was the most stunning piece I saw at High Point, the photo doesn't do it justice!

Blues are sad no BLUE are you?