Pokemon Birthday Party ...

Two weeks ago I knew nothing about Pokemon, but when your biggest fan asks for a Pokemon Birthday party you happily oblige.

After a couple days of searching the Internet and Pintrest  I now know more that I ever wanted!  My soon to be 8 year old and I spent a weekend putting all the fun ideas into action and ended up with a great party for my son and 5 of his friends.

I love throwing parties, the decor of course is one of my favorite parts! 
 It's fun to get creative with the serving station.

The whole family joined in the food naming rights!

Each food was named after one of the Pokemon "Energies"!

An easy Pokeball inspired goody back

A Pokemon has to have the right gear, so each boy received a 
Pokemon Name and a Trainers hat when they arrived.

First training mission was to earn their Pokemon Badges.  Apparently the more 
badges you have the more obedient their Pokemon.  Does this work with kids?  
Simple wooden nickels with pictures mod-podge to one side.  We buried the "badges" 
in a bucket of beans and the boys had to find as many 
badges as they could in one minute. 

They loved this game and all boys found 10 badges of course!

Second activity was to hone their "Stomping" skills.  Apparently this is important!  
Inside we went with a square of bubble wrap for each.  The simple things in life!

As with anything, it's important for a Pokemon trainer to have good aim.  A fun 
team frisbee toss into a pitching net.  I busted out the mod-podge again and put two 
main Pokemon character faces on the frisbees.  Team Picachu took the event!

The next activity was to work on their acrobatics with the Picachu Run.  
A quick relay through the trees to rescue Picachu from the evil princess
....okay it was really my daughter and she is not evil!

Confident hold on the Pokemon!
Excellent moves through the trees....

The final task was to capture a Pokemon.  We tied string to action figures and 
hid them in a tree so the Pokemon could not be easily seen.  The kids pulled a tag
 that looked like a Pokeball to reveal their Pokemon.

Then they took their newly captured Pokemon into the house 
for a little refreshment!

The Internet is a wonderful thing!  I made simple cupcake
 tags with his favorite characters.

To burn off a bit of sugar before pick up the boys took flight 
and created a game of dodge the swing!

My biggest fan "Snakewod" and a very Happy 8 year old!

What a great group of boys, thank you for helping us celebrate!